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About Cool Care!

Manufacture A Variety Of High Quality Products

A Leading Industrial & Manufacturing Company, Serving Since 1997.

Cool care India Pvt Ltd is an integrated company with core activities in manufacturing of Industrial Refrigeration Plants, Marine Refrigeration and Air Condtioning plants. With the comprehensive range of services we offer, world class service for air conditioning & refrigeration systems. we facilitate a stream lined and efficient professional service functions since 2005.


Cool care India With strong conceptual understanding of the Industrial Refrigeration Plants, Marine Refrigeration and Air Condtioning plants functionalities and technology, Cool care India is all set to be a reliable partner when it comes to Air-conditioning & Refrigeration process outsourcing. We provide services and solutions to the Indian and Asian Market.


Cool care India has installed world class facilities in Chennai to cater to clients at the speed of thoughts. Our office in Chennai is centrally located and can be accessed by rail, air and bus within minutes that make it easy to our customers. Our office is equipped with modern equipments & tools with mobile van facility to reach on time. The office is fully networked for easy data transfer and speed of work. With its presence in Chennai, Cool care is geared up to make the end meets – people and organization. We offer these facilities to our clients for any emergency service requirements on 24/7 basis.

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